yo nothing here so far but im guess im gonna update this (or remove this page from index and create a new one idk)
my name is valentin (actually not) and im a retired wannabe-netartist (atl ive been for awhile)
but i wanted to create something new and post alot of things here
idk abt old things probably i will find something interesting and post it here on this website coz all i wanna do is to make something


ye thats what im all about
so once again - so far its nothing here but im surely gonna update it and do something
im happy to see u here, actually!
wish u luck!

so this is my old project defragmentaciya i thought a little while (about 3 mins) abt it
and then i decided to put it here coz cmon its like absolutely fkin nothing here lol
but u atl need to know who am i and who ive been and i also did a lot of job on that one so im just gonna put it here ye..
click here to access the defragmentaciya.info (which is dead and now is just a couple of pages on this website)