I just bought some time for us.
This is probably the last money that i had.
Who cares?
Im probably not going to worry about it?
How are you? I missed you.
There hadnt been a single time when i didnt think of you.
You took my mind.
You are driving me crazy.
I just hope you are not going to kill me.
I love to have chances on future.
What do you think about it?
You have a sweet hair now.
You are absolutely the same as before.
But am i?
I guess so. Is it good or bad?
Im not sure.
Did you missed me?
What are you going to do tomorrow?
Do you want to meet me again?
Sweet. Lets just hope the weather is going to be good.
I used to love rain since i usually stay indoors.
But now this is just stupid.
Do you enjoy hugging me? Because i do.
Sweet. I can do this more often if you want.
You are so lovely.
I dont want to miss you again.
I want to always be by your side.
Good night. I just hope you didnt catch a cold today.
No, this is not another joke about my heart. This rain really sucks.
Good night, once again.
I have never met anyone like you.