this is so meaningless

i have no ideas about this

but i still want to do it

what does this mean

what does this all mean?

me, jan 2016

They say its never too late so happy halloween haha! Feel the spook from this picture.

Hello. My current name is Yuri Bessoltsev and this is my homepage.

This will probably be the shittiest page of my website since im going to post some news here and also ill try to remember all the pages i stole pictures from. (probably im not gonna do it)
I dunno what should i write here since i aint even finished this website, i mean, i aint found a hosting yet (since this site probably will never be finished). What was i talking about? You probably wonder what is this shitty website for anyways but the funny thing i most likely cant tell u this since i dont even know it myself.
This is simply for something of my thoughts, creation, imagination, some (not) interesting things from the web and nostalgia for the 90's-00's internet. Yup thats it. Also this is the place where im coming when i got nowhere to come to. Sounds shitty since im pretty bad in english. Fuck that shit. Im gonna simply call it my homepage where i host all my feelings.

Wow! A big day! A finally hosted it as you can see, so you can check a couple of pages for something interesting i made.
So, defragmentaciya is now open. Welcome!
And yea, i still hadnt finished everything and its like almost no any links here, so you can use the missyou page to find something.

Hiya. I just added a couple of pages (you probably saw the gallery before, did you?).
Plus i'll be posting monthly-updating banners on the index page (now this is a sea picture and a nice phrase in Russian (say hello to my friend En!)). You can access it via the atom picture in upper-left corner of this page or using this link.
On this time period, 99,999% of this site is written on HTML, but recently i started learning CSS, so you will see my progress in future. Don't worry, i'll try to keep defragmentaciya in 90s-00s frames.
So, by now, only one page on this website is written using CSS - this is it. Cya!

Wow man! No way! Finally i moved my lazy ass to the closest ATM and paid my hosting so defragmentaciya is working again. Cool.
Plus i updated all of these a little bit, new banner here, old banner removed, couple of new pages which you can check here.
On my way on CSS. Also very slowly, but still on my way to Javascript (i wish i could be cool in that).
I hope i will be updating this more often. Cya!

Well.. Hi!
It is almost new year and i've just added a couple of pages, you know where to find them.
Im moving very slow, but i guess im making progress (am i?), and im still not finished, and never will (sounds epic).
Idk what else to say. My life is getting better, things changed, i mean, everything has changed.
And im happy to say im feeling happy.