Hi. How are you feeling today?
Hiya. I could say im okay. And you?
Yep, im okay. But are you sure you are okay?
You have such of a sad face.
I don't know, im still messed with this stuff. You know, exams and all this shit.
Yes, i get it. So how was this day after all?
A little fucked up.
"A little?"
At least, i met you today. Shit is not that bad.
Nice to hear it. I missed you a lot.
I missed you too.
You did?
Of course i did.
Meh, im still feeling fucked up.
Need a warm hug?
Yes, thank you. You are so sweet.
Nope, thats all you.
Do you want anything?
Could we just run so far away from all this stuff?
I wish we could.
You know, i have never been abroad.